What we do

Using provocations, inspiring statements, games, we aim to create an interactive space:

  • for deep thinking, imagination, discussion
  • for learning, questioning and growing together
  • to look for alternative practices and thinking while not invalidating what already exists
  • look for inspiration outside the arts: science, philosophy, etc

Our motto

Whatever you want to do in your life, dont spend your life getting to the moment where you think its all over.  That moment will not arrive. It is about the journey. It is about enjoying every step of the journey. Because you spend a lot more time travelling where you want to get to than actually arriving there. And if you are a person that wants a great life, the day you arrive where you think it is your destination, youre ready to go on to the next thing. The purpose for your life is never-ending.’ – Jake Humphreys

Our motivation

The beauty of the arts is their constant ability to evolve, adapt to give us a new outlook on the world and respond meaningfully to major changes.

It is a never-ending journey.

Organisers and moderators

Filipa Francisco, Irene Pipicelli & Karine Décorne