AREA – Arts in Rural European* Areas (* and beyond)

AREA is a network that supports arts in rural areas by:
  • Creating exchanges of experiences
  • Researching working methods
  • Collecting data and resources
  • Stimulating the advocacy on a local, regional, national and European level

AREA includes all disciplines. Members of AREA are artists, creators, organisers, policymakers and scientists. 

AREA started as a focus group within IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts. Since October 2020 AREA has been an independent network that happily contributes to IETM working groups sessions. The network is based on its members voluntary contribution and individual participation.

AREA is based in Denmark.

AREA is run by volunteers

It can only be a vital and helpful network for its members if we all contribute. We support each other by sharing knowledge, experiences and information, and all members profit from the energy and resources we all bring in. We strive for a balance between getting and bringing. 


AREA is administered by a Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly. 

The board consists of a maximum of 9 members. The members of the board of directors are elected for 2 years by the General Assembly and can be re-elected twice.